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Fast, reliable & seamless data backup solutions for business continuity

We make it easy to recover your lost data instantaneously

How our Data Backup Solutions Can Help You

Businesses and enterprises across the globe are experiencing drastic data growth. To keep this data safe, secure, and readily available can be a challenge at times. This is where professional and reliable data backup services come into play. DC Encompass is a leading provider of reliable and secure backup solutions.

Minimise Your Risk

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What We Offer for Data

Backup Solutions

Architecture and Design

Architecture and Design Data Backup

DC Encompass provides a unique advantage. We are well acquainted and extremely versed with both cloud as well as physical data storage and backup systems (SAN, NAS). Whether you need full or incremental backups, our team of experts will go above and beyond to meet all the architectural, design, and security requirements for your storage infrastructure.

Health Check

Storage and Data Backup Health Check

We provide comprehensive health checks for all our data storage. When it comes to the health of your data storage, we do it all including conducting a complete overview of your backup environment and diagnosis of any underlying issues with your current backup infrastructure as well as providing recommendations for improvement.



Our storage strategies meet all compliance standards. We provide both backup and recovery, as well as business continuity policies that are executed effectively to specifically meet your compliance and regulatory needs.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Providing minimal to no disruptions for your daily operations is paramount to us. We have stringent business continuity plans that ensure no operational discrepancies occur during backups.
Diaster Recovery Plans

Diaster Recovery Plans

Data threats like user errors, malicious deletion, or natural disasters are always omnipresent, and backing up and storing your data is only part of the story. At DC Encompass, we make it easy to recover any lost data instantaneously. In addition, the backed-up data can also be replicated to an offsite location of your choice, thus adding another layer of disaster recovery option to your backups.


Cloud Data Backup Solutions

We have extensive experience in designing and implementing robust cloud backup, cloud storage, as well as disaster recovery solutions.

SaaS Backup

SaaS Data Backup

Are you contemplating on backing up your SaaS data? Think no more. At DC Encompass, we provide specialised and efficient backups for all your SaaS (Software as A Service) needs. In addition, we also guide you in evaluating the different cloud infrastructures, their service models, as well as the backup options that will work best with your storage infrastructure.

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