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Data Centre Design, Management and Migration Services – Sydney, Australia

Despite the ascendancy of cloud, traditional data centres still play an important role in data storage, data backup and Disaster Recovery (DR). Many organisations, especially those dealing with critical data, prefer the added control, flexibility and security that colocation provides. Colocation is also a component in many hybrid cloud solutions.

DC Encompass can assist organisations with data centre management (hardware maintenance, software patching, application monitoring), data centre migrations and the supply / provisioning of data centre equipment. We also design small data centres, conduct data centre compliance reviews and organise network connections to cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

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An overview of our data centre design, management and migration services in Sydney


Solution Design, Development & Documentation

DC Encompass can help you design and develop a small data centre (either on-premises or in a data centre). We focus on the practical aspects of creating and running a data centre: location, security, scalability, connectivity, power and cooling.

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Co-location provider assessments & Selection Services

Choosing the right colocation provider is not only about space and price.
DC Encompass assists organisations to choose the right facility and location. We’re familiar with all the major data centre operators in Australia, including Equinix, Global Switch, Vocus, Fujitsu and NextDC.


Monitoring and management of IT infrastructure and applications

DC Encompass provides a wide range of data centre management services in Sydney, including hardware maintenance, software patching, application monitoring and tape backup management. What’s more, we know our way around most of Sydney’s major data centres.

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Consolidation and relocation of existing IT equipment into a data centre

The decision to consolidate and relocate all or part of your IT infrastructure into a data centre isn’t as straightforward as it seems. DC Encompass has the knowledge and experience to help you perform a successful data centre migration.


Decommissioning and ethical disposal of obsolete IT equipment services

During the course of an equipment upgrade project, DC Encompass takes responsibility for the ethical disposal of any old IT equipment (we have access to several computer recyclers in Sydney).


Data centre compliance reviews

DC Encompass can determine if your current colocation provider is performing to industry standards, and assess whether your organisation is performing regular failover testing.

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