Cyber Security Education and Training 

Train staff on various cyber security threats that can significantly impact your business

Cyber Security Education and Training Solutions 

Cyberattacks have become a major concern in the IT world nowadays. Several decades ago, the combined application of firewalls and antivirus programs was sufficient to provide maximum protection against infiltrations of all sorts. But alas, things have taken a different turn today. Did you know cybercriminals break into facilities somewhere in the world at least every 40 seconds? So businesses and government bodies would need to build a resilient security architecture to match up with the current state of things and emphasize cybersecurity education and training for their employees.

Read on to find out more about DC Encompass cybersecurity education and training solutions. 

What Exactly is Cybersecurity? 

Internet-based systems are like malls that need to be adequately protected; else criminals would break in and get away with valuables. Since web services are operated remotely, software, data, and other components they run are more prone to attacks.  

For the sake of orderliness, some details are highly sensitive. For example, the credit card details of the customers of a business, the data centers of cloud service providers, or the security outlay of a nation’s military. The slightest loophole could cause irredeemable damages.  

Cybersecurity is the IT initiative that protects digital systems and their components from all these. It is an IT framework for securing networks from all forms of attacks. Be it illegal access to stored data or alteration attempts.  

As a technology, cybersecurity ensures the protection of all computerized systems used to store, process, and manage data over the internet. 

Categories of Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks could be launched in several ways, depending on the type and working principle of a computerized system. Here are some of them. 


Malware is a threat to systems and networks that accesses stored details without the knowledge or permission of the holders. It spreads mainly through links and attachments. You must have heard about ransomware, spyware, virus, and worms before now. They all fall under this category. 

Denial of Service (DoS)

This type of cyberattack is otherwise called a flood attack. Denial of the service, when launched against networks, disallows servers from processing and responding to the requests of web users. 

Man in the Middle (MITM)

Man in the Middle is a cyberattack common with public wireless networks. Cybercriminals, after joining a network connection, hacks into the data of other users. 

SQL injection (SQLi)

SQLi is one of the most disastrous sources of threat to cyberspace. It is directed at web servers. Cybercriminals inject codes into servers to gain access to data centers. With this, they infiltrate into the stored data. 


This is a common strategy mostly used by customers of financial institutions. Hackers, through message broadcasts via emails or any other means, deceive people into revealing sensitive info like their card details and login access codes. 

What Makes Cybersecurity Education and Training Essential 

Cybersecurity Education and Training for Employees is important for many reasons. Here are some of them. 
1. Data Security

Most organizations, if not all, serve their online users remotely. And this is, of course, an intelligent move, considering the number of requests servers attend daily. Apart from the technicalities involved in operating on-premise servers, they are also quite expensive to run.  

So cloud service providers would need to be on their toes to ensure that the data and files of their customers are protected by a strong security outlay, as cybercriminals are always on the lookout for loopholes through which they can strike. 

2. Sustainability of the Internet of Things (IoT)

 The advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning has opened the tech world to the possibilities of having several activities being automated. Tech giants have rolled out plans to develop smart cities. But did you know it could make us more vulnerable? Nonetheless, if we can maintain strong cybersecurity, it’d be a plus for IoT growth. 

3. Consistent Increase in Cybercrime

Several years ago, cyberattacks were not so prominent as they are now. So it wasn’t a top concern. Then, organizations were fine using simple firewalls and antivirus software alone. Hackers are always devising new skills they could use to get at organizations and steal from them. This consistent increase in the complexity and brutality of attacks would demand a full-time commitment to secure cyberspace. 

4. Cost of Fixing Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks could be extremely expensive to deal with. And cost in this sense is twofold. The first aspect is the reputation of organizations. Let’s get practical. Can you imagine what would be the resultant response of the customers of a cloud platform if hackers find their way into their data center? Or a compromised banking security network? It’d be extremely difficult to rebuild the trust once it is broken. You know, when it comes to business, negative impressions are difficult to handle. 

Another side of it is the financial commitment required. Damages caused by some attacks require technical expertise to fix. 

Why Choose DC Encompass Cybersecurity

Knowing the adverse effects, cyber-attacks could have on your organization, our cyber security and education training services would be very helpful to match up and focus on your in-house operations. This would help you reduce your downtime and increase overall productivity. 

We understand that top-notch cybersecurity has to be resilient and always operational. At DC Encompass, this is exactly what we deliver. We will work with your IT team to design an architecture that will best work for your organization.  

We thoroughly train your IT teams on various cyber security threats that can significantly impact the organization. Our services, among others, include: 

Cyber Threat Management Training

 We will teach your IT teams on how to run an automated system that quickly detect and fix threats by leveraging machine learning, big data, and the provisions of cloud services. This would enhance your productivity. 

Penetration Testing Training

Our penetration testing training enable IT teams to make quick-time identification of potential loopholes through which attacks could come.   

IP Protection from DoS

Leveraging our hi-tech strength, we will teach your teams on how to detect and divert links and attachments that could result in denial of service before they get to IP addresses. 

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