Identity and Access Management Solutions (IAM)

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Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Organisations

Identity and access management (IAM) is critical for ensuring security and productivity for digital transformation. It can be described as all processes and a result directed at giving necessary users access using their user identity, and user credentials to secure access and systems. At DC Encompass, we offer unique, scalable, secure, and costeffective solutions. With our recommended identity security solutions and access management solutions, your organization can secure their enterprise and guarantee the best user experience.

Benefits of DC Encompass Identity & Access Management (IAM) Tools and Service

We offer an allencompassing identity and management solution (IAM) according to our clients’ needs and preferences. Our identity and access solutions include privileged access management which allow authentication methods such as adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) for improved security, privileged account protection, single signon services, access rights and user lifecycle management for controlling user access and allowing organisations to manage user identities. Some of the benefits of our IAM solutions provide include the following:

Security of Data

Security is improved and guaranteed with our solutions for identity and access management. Our team of experts integrate the right privileged IAM solution to ensure protection by managing access to business data on premises and remote access.

Enhanced Productivity

Our solutions for Identity and access management are tailored at maximum productivity. Our team of technical experts significantly improve the productivity of your organization by creating simple systems to control access for their enterprise customers, employees, contractors, business partners and other stakeholders.


A number of Organization require their operations to update and reflect everchanging regulatory compliance requirements. With the right IAM solution, your organization can easily and quickly comply with industry regulations. An Organization is also equipped to adapt their operations as quickly as possible.

Risks Management

The protection and security of IAM solutions also come from applying technologies like artificial intelligence to understand changing access requirements. With our stateoftheart technologies, businesses can mitigate risks and apply best practices in privilege, access, identity to grant access for their stakeholders.

Seamless Experience

DC Encompass Identity and access management (IAM) solutions enable a seamless experience for all categories of a user and stakeholders. With your IAM solution, all the necessary parties get to maintain the highest level of interaction, with the highest level of accessibility and flexibility. This includes employees, management, and clients.

Risks and Challenges of Identity & Access Management Solutions

The process of implementing a identity and access management solution (IAM) can be posed with risks and challenges. Some of these risks for identity access management include:

Access Rights Limitation

Every user, employee, and stakeholder of the different categories have basic access to the system using their identity. When not automated, this access could pose a challenge to a user. This is why granting basic access to the different systems and networks should be flexible and automatic. At DC Encompass, we understand these challenges, and this is why we design our IAM solution to grant the necessary level of automation and flexibility in time.

Data Management

Even though IAM solutions are aimed at following data protection standards, the process could be associated with data protection issues. For example, the collection of biometrics data is prone to security risks. A Simple and expert tip for efficient biometrics data management is collecting only the essential data that lessen security risks.


Trust Monitoring

Zero trust networks are considered the standard in IAM. However, the application of zero trust security can be plagued with trust monitoring issues. For zero trust networks to be maximally applied, measures and tools for constant monitoring must be applied.

Single Sign-on (SSO) Issues

SSO issues typically arise from the limited application of signon tools. The most efficient SSO systems allow the mediation of access to the different types and categories of applications and web apps.

Why Choose our Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services?

At DC Encompass, we offer various IAM solutions that include the user identification and their roles, the assignment of different levels of access, management of the roles and credentials of users, the protection of sensitive data, and the security of the systems. We take advantage of the benefits that the cloud offers in providing IAM Security and Cloudbased identity management solutions that are efficient and scalable.

Our IAM services automate and secure core operations to bridge security gaps within the organization. We equip our clients with the tools and services for using an identity to secure sensitive data and allowing only the required level of access for a user.

All our IAM solutions are comprehensive, thorough, and extensive. Get in touch with our IT Professionals today to find out more about our IAM solutions.

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