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IT Planning and Strategy Services

Unarguably, technology drives the 21st-century organization. This implies that for organizations and businesses to strive in these times, their technological infrastructure must be primed for maximum success.  

At DC Encompass, we provide IT planning and strategy services aimed at equipping organizations with the required resources for dominating their sector and increasing return on investment. 

What we do

As a firm, we take over developing and equipping organizations with high-quality resources, leaving the organizations to focus fully on other aspects of their operations. 

We are the experts you can trust for all your technology needs. We come on board and institute the technological solutions and resources needed to achieve success in long and short term. 

Whether you need to move to the cloud, seek support services, consultancy, and any other kind of product or solution, DC Encompass IT planning and strategy services is all you need. 

Our IT Planning & Strategy Services 

Every organization needs to leverage technology to achieve its goals and become household names and industry leaders. Technology is applied in the basic operations as well as the more complex processes.  

We offer services that equip and encourage organizations to optimally use different technological products and solutions. 

Our IT planning and strategy services can be broadly divided into three core categories:

IT Management

Businesses are constantly at the threat of the danger of suboptimal resources. They also face significant security threats. Our IT planning and strategy services cover the efficient management of IT resources to ensure optimal resources. We also ensure that businesses are equipped to conquer the never-ending security threats. 

Technology Strategy

The technology strategy aspect of our IT planning and strategy services focuses on creating proper technology infrastructure. Specifically, our consultants assess the existing infrastructure to identify loopholes and optimize the infrastructure. We create the bespoke technology strategy that the organization requires for optimal productivity when there are no current technology strategies. We also examine the past, effect changes that optimize current operations, and work towards the organization’s goals. 

Technology Implementation

Based on our analysis, we implement solutions that drive the maximum productivity of businesses and organizations. We plan and identify suitable solutions according to our thorough analysis and planning. This subset of our IT planning and strategy services focuses on finding and establishing the tools and resources to drive an organization’s productivity. 

How we work

Our IT planning and strategy services are delivered according to established methods and practices. We deliver our services through an approach that guarantees the best results. 

First, we critically analyze the current strategy of the business as well as its goals, missions, and vision. This is the stage where we assess the current state of affairs to identify areas that need modifications and the most suitable solutions. 

After the initial analysis of the overall details of the organization, we focus on the existing IT infrastructure, assessing its state identifying areas that can be improved upon. We apply a combination of methods to assess the efficiency and suitability of existing tools. 

The next stage in the delivery of IT planning and strategy services is the development of the vision. This is where we explore available resources and solutions to identify the most efficient for changing the status quo. We envision the future based on the best practices as well as the available cutting-edge tools and solutions. 

Finally, we create and implement the strategic roadmap. Having highlighted the current and future states and identified the important elements for connecting both states. We create an IT roadmap that highlights all elements for achieving the future state and maximizing productivity. 

Why choose DC Encompass? 

At DC Encompass, our IT Planning and Strategy Services are designed to equip organizations to make the most of technology, from tools to resources. In addition, we partner with clients to drive the incorporation of technology into their operations. 

The application of technology for achieving business goals and enhancing productivity requires identifying suitable solutions on both the technical and business sides. Business leaders tend to focus on the technical side over the business side. So you need us to align the technical aspect with the business aspect of applying tools and solutions. 

With our IT planning services, you get a platform dedicated to technological objectives, goals, and needs. Our IT planning services are dedicated to improving the organization’s focus on its technology resources and solutions. 

We create a system that ensures that technology resources are appropriately applied with our IT planning services. Our IT planning and strategy services ensure that your technology is in line with your business goals and strategies.  

As a result, we become part of your business and identify ways that technology can improve the organization’s efficiency. We partner with you to optimize your technology for the current and future needs of your organization. 

Compliance is a major focus of our IT planning and strategy services. Our services are aimed at ensuring compliance with the industry’s requirements and regulations. 

Why trust our services? 

You need optimal technological resources to achieve current and future goals. You also need a team that ensures that your technology is optimized towards the goals. We are that team you need to up your technology. Here are the reasons why we are the team you need to enhance your technological resources. 


Our IT consultants have a wealth of experience that is applied for optimizing business technology and operations. Our team guides organizations and creates strategies based on their wealth of experience. 


We offer practical solutions dedicated to improving the quality of operations. We deliver solutions based on a thorough analysis of the organization. Our overall focus is on creating bespoke IT solutions, resources, and strategies for organizations. 


As a team of professionals, we deliver bespoke solutions based on identified needs and the client’s particular requirements. Core ethics guide our operations as we are technology/solution/vendor agnostic. 

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