Application Migration Solutions

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Application Migration Solutions

Application Migration Solutions

Application migration solutions are the process of transferring applications from one location in a computing environment to the other. Simply put, it is how a software application is moved to a computing environment.

When used to update software, application migration serves as an efficient alternative to rebuilding. This migration is carried out in line with established pathways and strategies. Read on to find out more on application migration, the various strategies for application migration and how DC Encompass can be of help for your existing infrastructure.

Our Strategy

Some of the core strategies of application migration solutions include:

Re-architect/refactor for the cloud

This strategy focuses on making significant changes to an application to perform better in a cloud environment. During the rearchitect or application refactoring process, extensive recoding could be carried out to optimize the application for the features of the cloud to prepare it for cloud migration. For example, an application’s data store could be upgraded so that the application can be optimized for the cloud environment.


This strategy is the goto option when an application needs to be moved from onpremise infrastructure to a virtual environment. The rehost strategy can be alternatively described as the liftandshift strategy. Migrating applications with this strategy are fast because it requires effecting minimal changes and modification. On the downside, high running costs could be eventually incurred because the application may not be optimized for the cloud environment.


Application migration is carried out with this strategy that involves decommissioning the solution because of its limitation. This strategy is applied because the application is limited and can be duplicated within the cloud environments after cloud migration. Thus, it is a costeffective solution.


The replatform strategy is more advanced than the liftandshift strategy. It involves optimizing the application for cloud architectures. With this strategy, extensive changes are not carried out, but the solution is more compatible with the cloud environment.

Benefits of Application Migration

Highly efficient and functional business applications are the best assets any organization can have. Application migration is typically aimed at improving the efficiency of these systems, thereby increasing return on investment. Some of the primary benefits of application migration services include the following:

Improved efficiency

As we have highlighted, improved efficiency of applications and systems directly benefits application migration.


Application migration is costeffective. When all systems and applications work excellently, they reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Enhanced security

Optimizing the features of application migration guarantees enhanced security. As a result, enhanced security comes naturally with application migration.

Migrate with Minimal Downtime

Minimal downtime is a benefit of the enhanced efficiency of applications. Application migration aims to run at the highest level of efficiency and productivity, which will mean minimal downtime and improved efficiency.

Risks of Application Migration

Even though the application migration options come with numerous benefits, it is also associated with risks that should be acknowledged and addressed. Some of these risks include:


Although a clear benefit of application migration is minimal downtime, downtime could also be associated with the application migration process. As the migration process is rolled out, issues could arise and lead to unexpected downtime.

Extra Costs

Organizations seek application migration solutions to improve the costefficiency of their operations. However, extra costs could be incurred during the application migration process. Unplanned expenses could be incurred in the form of extra licensing fees and training of employees.

Limited change management

Limited change management is a possible risk or downside of application migration. The struggles of change management come from the fact that organizations apply applications migration solutions differently.

Why choose our Application Migration Services

At DC Encompass, we understand that when you choose to migrate applications, it comes with various challenges and risks, and this is why we provide comprehensive application migration services that increase business productivity and meet your business needs.

With the application migration service offered by DC Encompass, our expertise in cloud migration allow us to equip our clients with the tools and resources required to achieve the best results. Before our team of migration experts commence the application migration process, we carrying out migration planning by taking the time to consider all issues that could arise and affect your business operations to create a clear course of action that guarantees success and the best results. Our course of action and migration strategies focus on reducing downtime, technical challenges, and extra costs.

Our Basic Application Migration Assessment

We offer application migration services to deliver the most efficient solutions. Thus, an extensive planning process is a critical part of our services. Let’s give you insights into how we carry out our thorough assessment to plan and execute the most efficient application migration for your future projects.

Application assessment

This is where we carry out an extensive assessment to identify the critical and noncritical applications. We assess whether the applications are critical as well as compatible with the cloud infrastructure.

Costs Assessment

It is important to assess the costs of a project in total. This cost assessment will cover the costs of the migration and other possible maintenance and unexpected costs.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is an important part of application migration to understand and identify the possible risks and establish a proper timeline.

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