Penetration Testing Services

Uncover key vulnerabilities and entry points to IT assets

Penetration Testing Services

The digitization of the globe comes with so many advantages. Simultaneously, organizations’ use of new technologies to improve productivity, streamline tasks, and optimize process can pose a security risk. At the moment, hackers are leveraging new technologies to gain unauthorized access to business financial information, systems and customer data.

Due to this, it is vital for organizations to put the right strategies that protect business data and customer information. One of the best ways to improve the security of your digital infrastructure is by knowing and understanding your vulnerabilities and how hackers can exploit them through our pen testing services.

Through penetration testing services, our team of technical experts at DC Encompass can help organizations prevent access to critical systems and applications by cyber hackers while uncovering key vulnerabilities and entry points. DC Encompass penetration testing services are unique because we simulate real word attack on your applications to demonstrate the security level of each infrastructure and show you how to strengthen them.

Scope of Penetration Testing Services

At DC Encompass, we offer comprehensive penetration testing services to help you understand critical vulnerabilities in the following key areas:

Cloud Testing

Our cloud testing services can fix all vulnerability associated with your cloudbased infrastructure quickly

Wireless Testing

Our wireless penetration testing involve testing and identifying connections between connected devices to your business WiFi. This includes laptop, tablets, smartphones and IoT devices

Network Penetration Testing

Our team of technical experts will identify security vulnerabilities in applications and systems through our network security penetration testing by also testing network security

Application Penetration Testing

We will access your mobile app, web and backend applications, IoT devices to provide secure code review, vulnerability assessment, and binary analysis, by testing and gathering information about the target systems

Our Approach to Business Cyber Security: Penetration Testing

Zero to Minimal downtime

Our penetration testing services ensure that all activities from firewall penetration testing to cloud services testing result in zerominimal downtime on business activities. Thereby increasing productivity and giving room for business continuity.

Problem detection and analysis

DC Encompass penetration testing services will help you spot vulnerabilities in realtime for systems and provide insight into the root causes of the security problem while providing critical solutions for solving them.

Actionable Insights

All penetration testing conducted by our team of technical experts are detailed and accurate to provide the action plan on how to fix all loopholes. Our deliverable at the end of the testing process is a detailed action plan and strategy on how you can stay ahead of cybercriminals.

Regulatory compliance

During the penetration testing process, we ensure that your business complies with all regulatory laws from HIPAA to NIST. This way, you get to avoid all fines for noncompliance.

Final Project deliverables and Response

At the end of our penetration testing exercise, our team of technical engineers will provide one or two of the following reports to your organization showing the outcome of the penetration test.


A detailed action plan

This is a document that contains various scopes and ways through which your business can mitigate against these vulnerabilities. All details in this document are products of detailed research during the penetration testing period. Your organization will review the document and make necessary adjustments to systems.

Technical report

The detailed technical report shows all methodology employed by our team of experts in discovering threat model, security concerns and key vulnerabilities during the penetration testing period.


Executive Summary

This document shows all scope, approach, findings and recommendations used during the penetration testing and presented to senior managers. With this document, we can discuss the project further and ensure that your organization is satisfied with the final outcome.

Remediation Reports

After the initial penetration testing has been completed, you will be expected to provide a remedy for the known vulnerabilities outlined in the report. Then a retest is carried out by our organization after the remediation period. The primary purpose of this retest is to confirm that all issues were remediated.

Why Choose DC Encompass?

Cybercriminals are undoubtedly taking advantage of new technologies to exploit vulnerable organizations and gain access to the system or key business data. However, it is possible to stay a step ahead of these hackers by regularly carrying out application penetration testing, IoT penetration testing, network penetration testing, and cloud infrastructure testing, among other technologies.

At DC encompass, we offer a unique and detailed service focusing on your penetration testing needs. We will provide a comprehensive report and findings with well actionable plans to help you gain insight and put in the right efforts to remediate the findings for your systems.

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