Cyber Security Training for Employees

Turn your employees into human firewalls and defend your organisation 

Cyber Security Training for Employees: Empowering Australian Businesses

In today’s digital landscape, cyber security is paramount for Australian businesses. At DC Encompass, we understand the vital role employees play in protecting sensitive information and mitigating potential breaches.

Our comprehensive Cyber Security Training for Employees equips businesses with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of cyber security. We address various aspects, including threat identification, prevention, and response.

With evolving cyber threats, staying informed is crucial. Our training programs provide up-to-date insights on emerging threats and best practices. Topics include social engineering, phishing, malware, and data protection.

Creating a culture of cyber security awareness is vital. Our programs educate and foster responsibility. By instilling a cyber security mindset, employees become proactive defenders.

At DC Encompass, we tailor training to meet each organization’s unique needs. Our formats maximize engagement and knowledge retention, whether through online modules, workshops, or webinars.


Importance of Employee Security Awareness

Human error is one of the leading causes of security breaches. Employees can unintentionally put an organization at risk by falling prey to cyber threats such as phishing attacks or unknowingly downloading malware. This is where cybersecurity training and security awareness training comes into play.

A well-designed cybersecurity training program can help minimize employee-related risks and prevent cyber attacks that could compromise an organization’s security. By taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity, companies can reduce the risk of costly data breaches and protect their assets, reputation, and customers’ information.

At DC Encompass, we provide comprehensive cybersecurity training courses that help employees understand the common mistakes they make while browsing the internet and using email. Our cybersecurity training programs also cover the best practices for data disposal during employment.

Our training courses are delivered in various formats, including online modules, in-person workshops, and webinars. We work closely with organizations to develop customized training programs that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

Moreover, we provide ongoing support and guidance to organizations to ensure that their employees remain up-to-date with the latest cyber threats and cybersecurity best practices. Our security awareness training courses are continuously evaluated to measure their effectiveness and identify areas for improvement, ensuring that organizations stay ahead of potential cyber threats.

With DC Encompass cybersecurity training, organizations can empower their employees with the knowledge and skills to identify and mitigate cyber threats and protect their valuable assets.

The Importance Of Employee Security Awareness

Studies reveal that human error is one of the major causes of security breaches. This is because humans are more likely to make mistakes. However, cybersecurity courses helps to reduce this threat. As such, the loss of PII, IP, money, or company reputation is limited. 

An effective cyber security training addresses the mistakes that workers may make when they use their emails, the web. They will also learn the proper way of disposing of a document throughout their employment.  

Effective cyber security training also helps to reduce user risk for employees.  However, it is vital to note that while several trainings are is delivered on a one-off basis, employees can become overwhelmed. They may also find it hard to retain the information passed. Therefore, it is better for training to be continuous and delivered in smaller doses. This way, employees can find time to do other tasks. Also, training must be practical. The trainer must show the employees how it’s done; this is more useful than theoretical-based training. 

Is the Cyber Security Training Program For Employees Required By Law? 

As a result of the upsurge of cybercrime, several laws require cyber security training. 

Both the HIPAA Security Ruleand the HIPAA Privacy Rule have specific training requirements. The HIPAA requires a company to train all the members of staff. Each new member of staff must be well trained soon after they are employed. Training must be done again when there are changes in policies and procedures. The companies and businesses must offer a security awareness and training program for members of staff. This training program must also include regular security updates.

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

This act also requires employee training. It recommends that companies must teach employees to identify and respond to fraud oridentitytheft. They must also provide staff responsible for maintaining a local and wide-area network and computer systems with the right training.  

Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)

FISMA expects that federal agency must establish a cybersecurity training program. The program needs to include contractors and “other staff” that support the agency. The training must also address data security risks, and each employee must be trained on his responsibility in keeping with an agency’s policies and procedures to reduce security risks. 

Why Choose DC Encompass Cybersecurity Training Services? 

Gold Standard Trusted Partners - Cyber security training for employees

You must keep your organization cyber secure, and the employee security training program is just one way of doing this. At DC Encompass, we use proven methods, intense cybersecurity knowledge, industry experts and the right cybersecurity training tools to deliver a simple curriculum of security training. Our curriculum covers critical cybersecurity topics that your workers should know. We make it easy and simple to get your cyber security training going on day one. 

The training offered by cyber security professionals is divided into packages and are designed to meet the needs. Other benefits of opting for our cybersecurity training for employees include the following: 

Industry expert’s knowledge

Our comprehensive cybersecurity training contents are written and produced by experts. There is also significant input from the law enforcement agent, CISOs, and military. You can be sure of one thing – you’ll be getting the most recent information to help you combat security threats in the future.

Smooth Administration

We employ some of the best technologies on our platform. As such, DC Encompass offers a seamless user experience for all employees.   

Interactive and video training

Studies reveal that interactive activities are six times more helpful in helping students learn. Our training is interactive. Hence, they help employees retain more information. Interaction is combined with short instructional videos, which will help them understand cybersecurity better. 

Multiple Languages

What language would you like to have your training in? We give you options in terms of languages. You can choose from our multiple languages and start learning.  


Microlearning is a simple approach to skill-based learning. It deals with delivering training in relatively small units. Usually, it involves short-term strategies, especially to help learners stay engaged. We use this kind of approach as well to make learning personalised for all employees.  


Our trainings are designed to meet the unique needs of your organization. In addition, they are presented in an easy-to-comprehend manner which is vital for all users – both in their personal lives and at work.  

Compliance Courses

Not all cyber security awareness training sessions for employees are the same. Our users are enrolled in readily-made compliance courses. 

Fun & Corporate

Who says your training cannot be fun and corporate at the same time. Our training sessions are designed to be compelling and fun by using a mix of instructional design best practices, high-quality graphics, as well as customized, targeted content. 

Amazing Support

Need some help? We are here for you. Reach out to our friendly customer service representatives, and we’ll fix any issues you have.  

DC Encompass Cyber Security Training For Employee Curriculum  

At DC encompass, we review our training on a regular basis and update them to keep up with the growing demands of the cyber industry. Some of the topics included in our curriculum includes the following:  

Phishing Simulation

Phishing simulation helps protect your business from social-engineering threats by educating your workers on how to identify them. We teach your employees how to use phishing tests to increase security awareness 

Password security

Employees prefer to use weak passwords because they are easy to remember. Unfortunately, weak passwords can make the company vulnerable to attacks. Our contents on password security comes with instructions on how to set strong passwords. Employees will also learn the importance of avoiding personal passwords. 

Privacy issues

As a company, customers entrust you with their data. As such, this aspect of our training trains users on how to protect the data of customers, partners, employees, and the company. 


This topic covers everything relating to compliance for HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR. 

Insider threats

Several other cyber security training programs don’t talk about this. However, the truth is, threats may come from within an organization. This file teaches employees how to identify those threats and how to handle them.  

CEO/wire fraud

Here, employees learn how a malicious user can impersonate a reputable executive to steal money from a company.  

Data in motion

This helps employees see how vulnerable data in motion is and to protect it effectively. 

Social Media

The advent of social media and its massive growth have led to a new paradigm shift. Organizations now use different social media platforms to reach potential customers. Although these platforms have security settings, mischievous elements still find a way to gain access to personal information. At DC Encompass, we offer social media cybersecurity training to keep your employees ahead of hackers and protect organizations information. 

Cyber Security Training For Employees FAQs 

How do cyber-attack occur in organizations?

Malicious hackers use phishing, a criminal attempt to get sensitive data like login credentials and credit card details. But, first, they disguise themselves as a reputable company or trustworthy in an email conversation. Then they place links or attachments which can distribute malware and spyware. Via this means, they steal data and carry out other malicious activities. This is just one among other ways in which cyber-attack occurs leading to a data breach.  

How often should you carry out security awareness training programs?

Studies reveal that workers have the tendency to forget information from cyber security training, especially if it is not conducted on a regular basis. This could also happen if they are overburdened with it.  If cybersecurity training takes several hours of an employee’s time often, it could result in an employee giving up the training. They may get bored as well. Considering these facts, large-time investments are not required. Our engaging, interactive and fantastic 3- to 5-minute video modules are delivered each month to make each employee enjoy the training without them getting bored.   

How long does it take to build a security awareness training program?

The time it takes to do an IT awareness security program absolutely depends on some factors. The factors include your choice of technology and methodology. On our platform, our cyber security training for employees is configured and deployed with so much ease. 

How much does cyber security training for employees cost?

The cost of cyber security training depends on how big or small your company is and can range from being free to thousands of dollars if the training is customised as per the organisations branding. 

The cost for a small to a medium-sized organization is also going to differ from the cost of training a large organization.

What is the (ROI) return on investment for cyber security training?

There’s a significant ROI on security awareness training. Some companies have recorded up to half a million dollars. This is because a lot of data security breaches are a result of employee errors. As a result, each employee can put the company at risk. However, our training can help reduce the risk of having these breaches as more staff members become careful. As a result, there will be a lower overall risk. Note that the cost of a data security breach is high. According to Security,the data breach costs over $150 per record on average. This means a breach that involves 50,000 records could amount to about $7.5 million. Compare this t the cost of training employees. Our cyber security training cost less than 1% of what a data breach would cost. 

Why Choose DC Encompass?

Cybersecurity is a serious issue that needs to be addressed with the utmost care. A lack of understanding can lead to catastrophic consequences on an individual, company or global level. That’s why it’s important for every employee in your business to understand cybersecurity risks and how they may affect them personally as well as security best practices.

At DC Encompass, our cyber security professionals offer full cybersecurity awareness training courses for companies looking to educate their employees about these topics. If you need help getting started we also provide consultations and assessments so contact us today.  

Looking to train your employees on cybersecurity? Contact our team today for more information.

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