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How Our IT Services Can Help You

You need reliable, efficient, and secure technology because without this your team can’t perform at their best. At DC Encompass, we provide solutions that are cost effective, customised and secure.Whether you’re seeking data storage and backup solutions, bolstering your cyber security, migrating to the cloud, or looking to virtualise your IT infrastructure. DC Encompass can provide a solution to your business’s challenge, allowing your business to continue to grow and thrive.

Our Services

Disaster Recovery Planning

Have a plan ready for your business when unplanned incidents occur. 

Enterprise Data Centre

Build a flexible, scalable and efficient data centre for your organisation.

IT Procurement Services

Hardware, software, licensing and warranty solutions for all of your organisation’s needs

Managed Services

Solve your IT challenges with a team strong on support, management and value.

Professional Advisory & Consulting

Gain a professional insight into the challenges your business may face and the solutions you may require.


Deploy and manage your IT infrastructure from anywhere at anytime.

Why Trust Us?

Customised & Innovative IT Solutions

We’ll design customised solutions for your business with results.


Service Quality

Providing high quality IT services to build long-term relationships.

Trusted Experts

With more than 20 years’ experience with a range of clients from various industries.

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