Data Center Migration and Relocation Services 

Process, plan, and migrate your systems to a new location seamlessly

Data Center Migration & Relocation Services 

The importance of data centers cannot be overemphasized. Data centers provide businesses with space for the storage of critical information and systems. They also increase organizational efficiency, productivity and return on investment.  Read on to find out more about data center migration and relocation and how DC Encompass can be of help. 

What is Data Center Migration? 

Data center migration is a process where an existing data center is migrated or relocated from one operating environment to another one without loss of data. 

Migration involves the movement of IT systems, applications, workloads, and infrastructure to another operational environment like edge location, colocation facilities, private/public cloud. Processes such as relocations, hybrid migrations, consolidations or cloud migrations are often also referred to as migration. 

The migration of data centers is a high-risk project and there is no avenue for errors. When embarking on this process, it is vital to understand and differentiate between the different types of data migrations. They include hybrid, cloud, consolidation, and relocation. 


Cloud migration can be used to move applications, systems, infrastructure, and workloads from a physical/virtual environment to either a public or private cloud provider. It could also move these systems in between the different cloud environments. Cloud infrastructure can help you to increase the agility and scalability of your system, and this can be achieved via on-demand self-services, broader network access, higher elasticity, and measured services. However, cloud services are not necessarily cheaper than physical services. 


With data center consolidations, you can reduce the number of physical data centers and servers used by repurposing servers or decommissioning legacy servers. The aim is to reduce the footprints and increase the density level. The benefits of this enterprise include reduced hardware, reduced network, lower cost of the facility, savings on power, reduced loads on cooling, reduced manpower, and fewer software licenses. 


With data center relocation, an enterprise can move infrastructure from its present location to a new one. The data centers involved in this process are the source and target location; this can be done in manners such as physical to physical, physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, physical to cloud, and virtual to cloud. There is an increase in the number of enterprises that are choosing colocation over building new data center facilities. The success of this enterprise begins with the identification of the target location and this makes the selection of site to be very important. 

Reasons for Data Center Migration 


Poor service from a provider

Data center providers must aid IT teams in data storage and allow them to focus on other objectives connected to the company’s core goal. Therefore, businesses with providers who offer poor services might consider migrating to a new data center. 



When it comes to dealing with interconnectivity services, data center providers should offer varied options and ensure you get a solution that meets the specific needs of your enterprise. 



Data migration can also be done as a result of business growth and expansion. With migration, you can create a duplicate of your data center in a new facility. 

Data center migration processes 

Data center migration involves lots of steps and processes that must be taken to avoid data loss. They include the following: 

Assessing the data center

For a data center migration to be successful, a critical assessment must be carried out to ensure the facility meets the needs of your business. Other factors to be accessed include the network, requirements for the operating system, the supported applications, and the server. 

Designing a migration strategy

All information drafted after the assessment stage is used in designing a strategy for the relocation. Items that must be documented include equipment required, cooling infrastructure, specifications for power, and connectivity diagrams amongst others. There is also a need for contingency planning and risk mitigation. 

Picking a migration destination

After successfully designing a strategy for data migration, there is a need to pick a migration destination. This decision will be affected by factors like: 

The physical location where the data center is situated must have access to a strong connection hub. This is necessary for the data to center to receive and deliver the data between businesses, networks, and end-users. The stability of the weather is also something to consider.

Scalability and Flexibility:
The new data center location must also account for the growth of your business and its expansion. Find out if the hosting plans are flexible as you don’t need to remain in an inflexible deal.

The new data center location should have a backup power source and redundant systems in the case of an emergency. It should also have proper cooling and ventilation systems. 

Data center provider Status:
You must also consider the experience and track record of the data center provider. Proper research must be done before your data is handed over to them. 

A security breach at a data center can be quite disastrous to your business and client information. Ensure that the right security systems are in place when picking a data center. In addition, unauthorized personnel must not be allowed access to organization data. 

Implementation stage

This involves the implementation stage where data is moved to the new location. Migrating each of the applications and data has steps involved. Following the initially designed strategy, the critical applications and components are migrated. Tests are also carried out to check the applications, network configuration, and data. The estimated time of the migration process will also be stated after the test phase.  

Data Center Migration Best Practices 

When carrying out data center migration, there are some best practices that must be observed to ensure industry standards and requirements are met. They include:  


Creating a migration strategy to work with during the migration process is essential. The plan should be detailed and also suits the business needs.  


It is vital to create a data backup strategy and replication as data could be damaged or lost during the process. 


The configurations of the applications, the power specs, and requirements should be made clear. In addition, risks that might be encountered during the data center migration process must be clearly stated.  


Proper budgeting must be done to ensure funds are available all through the process. The working of the applications before the migration or after it should not be affected by the budget. 

Benefits of Data Center Migration 

Data Centre migration and relocation come with lots of benefits. They include: 


Data Security

Data center migration also leads to increased security of data and other organizational systems or applications. 



Data center migration services are cost-effective. For instance, at DC Encompass, we provide data center migration services that suit your budgets and needs. 


Increased Storage Capacity

When there is an increase in your data storage needs and the current data center can no longer meet up with organization needs, data migration to a new facility can help increase storage capability and improve organizational efficiency. 


Data Center migration offers lots of benefits to every organization. It does not only provides the right storage capacity that suits your business needs, it also increases efficiency among employees. This is why at DC encompass, we provide professional data center and relocation services to help you process, plan, and migrate your systems to a new location seamlessly. We also help reduce the risks of data loss and provide customized support. Get in touch today and our team of experts will be available to provide the right data center migration and relocation services in line with your budget. 

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