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Network and IT Infrastructure Services

In our world today, it is a known fact that technology powers all business processes. From operations, sales of goods and services, marketing, finance and IT, properly networked IT infrastructure can help in streamlining processes, optimizing tasks, increasing efficiency and productivity.

A flexible, reliable, and secure IT infrastructure is what every organization needs to meet business goals in realtime and improve competitive edge. However, when the IT and network infrastructure aren’t in smooth operation and suffers a glitch, the business could face downtime, security risk, system disruption and reduced productivity.

This is why having a smoothrunning IT and network infrastructure is a critical factor to the overall business growth.

What is an IT and Network Infrastructure?

Network infrastructure includes all resources and systems that make network management, business operations, internet connectivity, and collaboration effective in an organization. It consists of hardware devices, software and systems used by business to enable communication between applications, processes and employees.

IT infrastructure, on the other hand, is more significant and encompassing. It is the collection of information technology components vital for organization growth. These components include hardware and network, and other software components.

Although network and IT infrastructures seem similar in the first place, there is little difference between both terms. Network infrastructures are smaller component of the IT systems; a thriving and smooth network infrastructure must support the success of the broader IT space. However, every business needs both IT and network infrastructures to automate actions, increase productivity and ensure effective communication between systems, employees and applications.

Components of a Traditional IT and Network Infrastructure

IT and network infrastructures are made up of hardware and software component. These components are independent but work together to ensure smooth business operation. Examples of IT and network infrastructure components include the following:


This is a building where the network infrastructures like hardware, applications and software are kept. It could also be a data centre that connects various applications and ensures efficient data processing.


Network include servers, routers, hubs, switches that connect technological devices together and makes room for easy connectivity and collaboration.


This is one of the most important components of an IT infrastructure. It allows multiple users to share resources at a time from remote locations.

Server room

The server room is one of the critical systems in an IT infrastructure. It houses the server and other hardware

Types of IT and Network Infrastructures

There are primarily two types of IT infrastructures, they include:

Traditional Infrastructure

A traditional IT infrastructure comprises of hardware and software component such as server, facilities, data centre, applications and other software solutions. This type of IT and network infrastructure can be found onpremise, and it is usually built for private use. It requires power, space and expensive to set up. This is why most companies now opt for cloudbased infrastructures.

Cloud Infrastructure

Just like the traditional infrastructure, a cloud IT and network infrastructure leverage the internet to store, manage and process data over the cloud. Such business data can be accessed by employees at different locations. Cloudbased infrastructure takes full advantage of virtualization services provided by thirdparty providers to connect systems, appliances and servers to remote locations for easy access by organizations. One of the major advantages of this type of infrastructure is that it is costeffective because service providers outsource their cloud infrastructures to multiple firms at the same time.

Importance of IT and Network Infrastructure

IT and network infrastructure are very important for every organization. They enable full connectivity and communication, which is critical to every business. They also promote collaboration among employees while increasing productivity. This is why it is vital to ensure that your IT and network infrastructures are scalable, secure, and robust. Other benefits of putting in place a smooth and efficient IT and network infrastructure include the following:

Highperformance storage and data recovery systems

Reduce delay of data flow using low latency networks

Security of data and systems and safeguard against data breach

Increase uptime and faster server processing using virtualization tools

Zero downtime to reduce all forms of business disruption.

Why choose our IT and Network Infrastructure Support and Services?

If you are interested in outsourcing your IT and network infrastructure services, then you should opt for DC Encompass. At DC Encompass, we offer full professional network and IT infrastructure solutions designed to meet your business need.

We have cuttingedge answers to all your IT and networks requirements. With our team of professional and skilful technicians, you will have the full necessary infrastructure to ensure smooth connectivity and collaboration among employees, systems and applications.

Team of Professional IT Service providers

Why choose DC Encompass?

At DC Encompass, we understand IT infrastructures and networks are very important for business growth and continuity. With the advancement in technology, business growth and scalability no longer lies in the hands of employees alone; the smooth running of IT and network infrastructures also plays a huge role in enhancing user experience and improving productivity and reducing operating costs. 

When you choose our IT and network services, we will:


Carry out an audit of key IT infrastructures

We take time to access your existing network infrastructure and identify solutions that best suit your organization. Our solutions are costeffective, reliable and scalable.


Design and implement end-to-end solutions

We will also design and implement endtoend solutions that best suit your business need and also ensure a seamless transition.


Provide 24/hours support

We have a team of certified engineers available daily to provide 24 hours support during and after the project.

Data Storage and Security

We also offer data storage services to help organizations gain insight and improve data mobility while putting in place the right cybersecurity tools to avoid all forms of data breaches.

Ensure regular maintenance of IT systems

Our team of experts who are experienced in network infrastructure services will provide unparalleled maintenance and support. We can guarantee you minimal downtime when you choose our services.

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