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How our IT Procurement Services can Help You

DC Encompass will work with you, to find solutions aligned to your organisation’s IT procurement strategy. Reduce costs, improve productivity and customer experience with procurement that will not comprise on quality.

Whether you are looking to modernise your organisation, automate your business processes or looking to integrate suitable cloud solutions for your organisation, our team are experienced and ensure our services meet your business goals so you have a procurement strategy in place that will meet your requirements.


IT Procurement Services

What Our Services and Solutions Offer

IT Procurement Services - Fast Service

Fast & timely effective Services

DC Encompass makes it easy to get the technology you need for your business. We have a network of partnerships with leading IT vendors, strong vendor relationships with our suppliers and indepth IT services knowledge.

Ensuring accelerated sourcing and logistics of technology products, services and solutions for your timesensitive projects, contracts and organisation

IT Procurement Services - Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Purchasing that assures cost savings for our products, services and solutions aligned with your requirements.

DC Encompass negotiate favourable terms and pricing with vendors but will not comprise on quality.

IT Procurement Services - Presales Consultation

Pre-sales technology Consultation

We get to know what you want first.

DC Encompass takes a consultative approach to sourcing and procurement to have a clear understanding of your requirements.

Our pre-sales discovery consultation will provide you with an opportunity to identify products, services and solutions for your business from industry specialists and professionals.

IT Procurement Services - Hardware


Know your IT assets when to purchase and dispose. Own, rent or leasing Hardware is an important decision when replacing or buying new equipment. Superseded technology or hardware that’s not supported is not only a burden but will impact your business continuity.

DC Encompass can provide you with advice on your organisation’s technology life cycle.

IT Procurement Services - Software & Licensing

Software & Licensing

Will the software you require work for your business.

In the marketplace, there are thousands of software and licensing models offered by leading technology vendors.

DC Encompass will analyse the productscapabilities, support and assist with vendor selection.

IT Procurement Services - Warranty

Warranty & Support

Our IT audits are a great way to know if your equipment is covered.

DC Encompass have flexible warranty support options for hardware from leading technology partners.

With monthly payment plans, your business cash flow can be invested in things that contribute positively to your revenue.

Sustainability - IT Procurement Services


DC Encompass are committed towards the social impact and sustainability for sourcing and procurement. Through our operations, we aim to:

    • Reduce the impact of business activities on the environment
    • Responsible waste management services and disposal
    • Respect and Comply with applicable environmental laws

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