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DC Encompass is proud to officially partner with some of the world’s best and most innovative Information Technology vendors.

DcEncompass is a Cisco Partner

Cisco is the undisputed world leader in enterprise networking and switching. Cisco is renowned for its quality routers, switches, firewalls, WLANs and collaboration platforms. Cisco is currently positioning itself as an innovator and thought leader in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) space.


Datto, Inc. is an American cybersecurity and data backup company. Backup, restore, and protect data for business continuity, networking and IT business management. Delivering uninterrupted access to data on site, in transit, and in the cloud.

DcEncompass is a Dell EMC Authorized Partner

Dell EMC is an integral part of Dell Technologies – a publicly-listed Fortune 500 company based in Texas (USA). Dell EMC focuses on data storage (physical and virtual), information security and cloud computing solutions. Dell EMC’s enterprise storage solutions are used by leading organisations worldwide.

DcEncompass is a Fortinet Authorized Partner

Fortinet is a US-based company specialising in network and application security. In 2018, Fortinet was named a Leader in Gartner’s Enterprise Firewall Magic Quadrant. Fortinet’s highly-regarded FortiGate solution – a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) – is feature-rich and easy to use for IT professionals.

DcEncompass is a Hewlertt Packard Enterprise Business Partner

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a powerhouse in the Information Technology sector. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which was spun off from Hewlett Packard Inc in 2015, focuses on supplying organisations with enterprise-grade servers, storage and networking solutions. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a Fortune 500 company.

DcEncompass is a Lansweeper Official Partner

Lansweeper is an IT Asset Inventory Software. Identify all the assets that your enterprise owns. You can gather hardware and software information of computers and other devices on your network for management, compliance and audit purposes.

DcEncompass is a McAfee Partner

McAfee is one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies. McAfee focuses on providing encrypted security solutions for personal computing devices, servers and networks. McAfee’s Network Security Platform is a multi-faceted intrusion prevention system (IPS) that defends organisations against advanced cyber-attacks.

DcEncompass is a Microsoft Partner

Microsoft is famous for its Windows Operating System (OS), Office products and web browsers (Internet Explorer / Edge). Microsoft is currently focused on becoming the world’s preeminent cloud services provider: its Azure, Office 365, SharePoint and Dynamics 365 solutions already enjoy significant market share.

DcEncompass is a MSP360 Authorized Reseller

MSP360 – formerly known as CloudBerry Lab – specialises in cloud-based backup and file management services. Established in 2011, MSP360’s products integrate seamlessly with the world’s leading cloud storage providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud and Wasabi. MSP360 is headquartered in the US state of Delaware.

DcEncompass is a Qualys Partner

Qualys is a leading provider of cloud security and compliance solutions. Qualys was one of the first cybersecurity companies to use the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. The Qualys Cloud Platform enables organisations to consolidate their IT security and compliance applications.

DcEncompass is a Sophos Silver Partner

Sophos is a British company that specialises in IT security software. Sophos focuses on cloud management, network security, encryption and endpoint security. Sophos is renowned for its Next Generation Firewall (XG Firewall) and its AI-enhanced endpoint security solution (Intercept X).

DcEncompass is a Tenable Partner

Tenable is a global leader in the cyber vulnerability / risk management space. Tenable’s “Nessus” product continues to set the standard for IT vulnerability assessment solutions. In Quarter 4 of 2019, prominent market research company Forrester anointed Tenable as a “leader” in vulnerability risk management (VRM).

DcEncompass is a Veeam Partner

Veeam is a Swiss company that specialises in cloud data management and recovery. Veeam’s data management, disaster recovery and backup solutions work seamlessly with AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud. The Veeam Availability Platform enables organisations to manage their cloud data from a policy and behaviour-based perspective.

DcEncompass is a Vocus Authorized Chanel Partner

Vocus Group is a publicly listed telecommunications company on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Vocus Group offers a wide range of solutions, including voice, data connectivity, cloud and mobile. Prominent brands within the Vocus Group include Vocus Communications, Commander, Engin, iPrimus and Dodo. Vocus Group is headquartered in Melbourne.

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