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Evaluating Digital Infrastructure of Business

Network Assessment & Audit Services

All large and small businesses with digital infrastructure are constantly at risks of malicious attacks and data breaches. These risks are real and very expensive; they also cause downtime and reduced business productivity. This is why you must not allow these malicious elements to access your infrastructure and data.

One of the best ways to stay protected at all times is by opting for DC Encompass Network Assessment and Audit Services, designed to equip organizations to stay above bad actors, remain efficient and significantly improve productivity.

What Does Network Assessment & Audit Mean?

As the name suggests, network assessment involves evaluating an organization’s digital infrastructure to gain insight, optimize operations, and make important business decisions.

These digital infrastructures are critical to the growth and success of every organization. If not optimized, the overall productivity of the organization can be impacted significantly.

However, with the insights gathered from network assessment and audit, organizations across the different sectors can easily identify the allocation of resources and know if they are underutilized or overutilized.

Network assessment and audit

Do You Need Network Assessment & Audit?

We do not exaggerate in any form when we say that every organization needs network assessment and audit. So, yes, you need network assessment and audit. It is vital to state that you do not just need any random network assessment and audit services. Opt for professional and endto end solutions provided by DC Encompass to help you optimize your digital infrastructure.

Why Choose DC Encompass Network Assessment & Audit Sevices?

Here are the top reasons why businesses are opting for our network assessment and audit services.

Security Enhancement

Security optimization is arguably the best benefit of network assessment and audit services. Security vulnerabilities can disrupt an organization’s operations completely. With our network assessment and audit services, our team of experts take time to identify random security vulnerabilities before they are leveraged on by hackers to access key business data.

Digital infrastructure Optimization

 Network assessment and audit are smart preemptive processes for optimizing digital infrastructure. With DC Encompass network assessment and audit services, organizations get to nip a problem in the bud before it cripples operations. Examples of problems identified at this stage include underutilization, overutilization of resources and unauthorized utilization.

Competitive Advantage

Becoming an industry and field leader means optimizing all operations for success. To be the best at what you do, introspection is critical. Network assessment and audit are critical forms of introspection. We help our clients find loopholes from the inside, fix them, and put their best foot forward. We also equip clients with insights to establish a competitive advantage.

Process and Network Recommendations
Network assessment and audit aim to gather insights for process and network optimization. We offer network assessment and audit services to provide critical insights for improving the quality of networks and processes. If we identify issues in your software or hardware, we will recommend actionable tools, processes, and methods to fix the issues identified and improve general productivity.
Risk Mitigation
Risk mitigation is a major benefit of network assessment, and audit organizations cannot overlook it. One of the greatest risks of organizations is inefficient networks and tools. Network assessment and audit services are excellent tools for risk mitigation. Since organizations apply network assessment and audit for keeping their networks and tools inaccessible to malicious actors, they significantly mitigate risks.
Improved Efficiency of IT Departments
The IT departments of different sizes are usually overwhelmed with their daily tasks. However, engaging the services of experts from DC Encompass to carry out network assessment and audit will make your IT departments more effectively and enable employees focus on moneymaking aspects of your business.

Features of our Network Assessment & Audit Services

Some of our network assessment and audit services includes the following:

Network Configuration

Network configuration influences speed and efficiency. Small and medium businesses, as well as large corporations, routinely overload their networks unknowingly. We assess network configuration to identify issues that could be improved.

Resource Utilization

Our network assessment and audit services include assessing resource utilization to identify where resources are being efficiently applied.


Bandwidths influence basic and complex processes. Congested bandwidth can slow the operations of an organization significantly. We will find out the reason behind the lag and recommend the most solutions to the problem.

Compliance Services

We evaluate processes, tools, and methods to ensure they align with compliance requirements.

Security Services

We evaluate security features to identify the loopholes and fix them immediately. Some of the security issues we identify include obsolete technology and tools and the hidden issues that hackers can strategically apply.

Why Choose DC Encompass?

Every organization stands at risk of data breach, and this is why you must put everything in place to avoid cyberattacks that negatively impact an organization. Taking advantage of the network assessment and audit services provided by DC Encompass can help you stay ahead of your competitors. We provide customized services that meet your business needs. Our services are scalable, flexible and costeffective and lead to maximum productivity.

For more information on Network Assessment & Audit for your business, call our professional team today.

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