Professional Advisory and Consulting Services

Gain insight into your business challenges

Professional Advisory and Consulting Services

Are you interested in solving complex business problems, delivering successful transformation, and maximise your IT infrastructure to drive business goals and objectives? Our Advisory and Consulting service can be of help to your organisation.

Every organization and its employees understand that IT departments are overstretched beyond limits due to money, time, and resources; this is why consulting is the best option for businesses that want to streamline processes and save costs.

At DC Encompass, we offer professional consulting and advisory services. As a firm, we believe in integrating IT into your overall business strategy while maximizing IT infrastructure.

We are made up of professional IT consultants that can make your organisation better while focusing on core business goals. From project management, cybersecurity, risk management, information and analytics, application development, resource control, and digital solution, we provide IT advisory and consultation services that meet your business needs and align with your objectives.

What’s more, by guiding your employees and processes to get the right result, our IT consultant also leverages new technologies to improve return on investment and business productivity?

How we work?

At DC Encompass, our IT and consulting advisory services involve using professional tools and procedures to gain insight into your business challenges and provide outcomebased solutions on all aspects of your technology.

We start by understanding your business goals; we also work with key stakeholders to identify some of your business challenges before developing a road map on the right solution and strategy that aligns with your business.

We serve as a toolbox that complements your in-house IT teams and resources. Our team of IT consultants can assist in an area that includes building, designing, and implement key IT strategies that meet business goals, project management, gap analysis, drafting future technology road maps and help you optimize your IT processes in real-time.

With our approach, our team of IT consultant can:

Develop a more reliable and consistent roadmap that aligns with business goals and objectives

Help your manage cost and work in line with the agreed budget


Create a plan that optimizes your organization objectives

Guarantee quality delivery and follow performance management processes to ensure that we exceed your expectations

Why Choose our Digital IT Consulting Services?

At DC Encompass, we offer 24 hour professional services to create and execute strategic IT solutions that meet your business needs. We will work with your team to understand your goal, business processes, and information system capabilities. We offer a unique approach to IT consulting services for companies of various sizes. Here are the top reasons to opt for our professional advisory services.

Custom-tailored Approach

We have a team of IT consultant that works with your business to create a customtailored approach to meeting your IT requirements and challenges

Skilled in the Game

You gain access to our team of technical experts who are skilled in the game and available to deliver the best result

Scalable IT Services

Our IT consulting and professional advisory service is scalable. As your business grows, we can scale up to meet increasing business demands


Flexible Approach

We have different plans which you can choose from. Whether you want shortterm, longterm, or permanent employment with our firms, we are available to be of help


100% performance guaranteed solution created solely for your firm

Our IT Advisory Consulting Services

Some of our IT consulting and advisory services include the following:


IT Planning & Strategy Execution


Project Management


Risks Management


Business Processes & Cost Optimization


IT Assessment & Infrastructure Management


Cloud Consulting Service


Modernized IT Platforms


Containerization Service


Network, Workplace, & IoT Services


Security & Protection Services


AI & Data Services


SAP Services

Why Choose DC Encompass?

IT advisory and consulting services are very important for businesses that want to increase ROI, Improve productivity, manage costs and increase efficiency. Whether you need assistance and service with an ongoing maintenance, direction on IT investment, and advice on migrating to the cloud, there are so many ways we can help and drive your technological infrastructure in the right direction.

Looking to drive your infrastructure forward? Contact our team for more information today.

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