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Software and Licensing Procurement Services

The importance of effective software and license procurement services cannot be overemphasized. As a business grows and scales up, organizations need to purchase the right software solutions that suit their environment and boost business productivity. This is why businesses need the right advice and recommendations on how to navigate through the process of software procurement and licensing.

At DC Encompass, we offer software and licensing procurement services that help our customers find the best possible tools that suits their environment and needs. Our software and licensing procurement solutions do not only improve productivity and optimize budgets; it also strikes a balance between easy buying and robust governance.

From consultation, budgeting, procurement, licensing, managing, renewals, and compliance, DC Encompass should be your first point of call. In addition to procurement and licensing of software, we also provide comprehensive and unique consultancy services that help you understand your software’s value and improve its performance.

We will manage and audit your IT spending to ensure that you reach specific outcomes. Our teams of software procurement and licensing experts are available 24 hours daily to offer advice on any software licensing challenges you might face and provide the best costeffective solution for you. We partner with leading software manufacturers in various parts of the globe; you are assured of getting the right product just by choosing our services.

How our Software and Licensing Procurement Services work

At DC Encompass, Our software procurement and licensing, we have a team of software and licensing consultants skilled in the game and have complete knowledge of how the industry works. We have also built a good relationship with leading software manufacturers in various parts of the globe. This is to ensure minimal downtime and improve productivity.

First, we take time to study and analyze your business needs and requirement, then our team of experts will determine the licensing agreements and software that your business needs. Trust us to make an unbiased recommendation on the right products that align with your needs.

We will also handle the procurement processes of your software and all IT equipment needed to increase business efficiency while providing an end-to-end management service. Our software procurement and licensing services includes the following: IT analysis, software licensing, Server procurement, Desktop procurement, management of warranties, and software installation.

Why choose our Software and Licensing Procurement Services

Full Software and Licensing Procurement Services

At DC Encompass, we offer full software and licensing procurement services. From analyzing your IT needs to purchase the best software for your business, we are here for you. We will work with your IT teams to understand your business needs before providing the right solutions.

Costs Effective

Due to our bulk buying powers, we can get better prices for your software, server, and other IT devices. We have a relationship with several key distributors and manufacturers, which gives us a distinctive advantage.

Software Installation

We do not only make procurement; we also install software and other equipment at your location of choice and ensure it is ready for us.

Enhance Business Productivity and Performance

By allowing us to take charge of your procurement and licensing services, you also have a lot of time to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Risk Mitigation

When you choose our services, you are also increasing visibility and control over your software procurement lifecycle while mitigating against compliance risks by avoiding under or over licensing.

Why Choose DC Encompass?

Proactively managing your software and IT infrastructure procurement and licensing is one of the most effective ways to optimize organization asset value, align with strategic goals, and save costs. Unfortunately, most organizations find it difficult to effectively manage their software procurement and licensing.

If you fall into this category, our team of experts can be of help. When you choose our services, we will take time to analyze your IT spending, handle all business relationships, identify the right solution, make procurement and installation in line with your business needs. Our procurement and licensing consultants are available at all steps of this journey to ensure a seamless experience.

For more information on our software and licensing procurement services, contact our team today.

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