Private Cloud Architecture 

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What is a Private Cloud Architecture? 

Private cloud architecture is a cloud framework is built to serve a single organization. Like other cloud models, it provides cloud services, including data storage, cloud computing, networking, data analytics, and the likes. Its distinguishing factor is that its servers can be hosted within the client’s facility. In this case, the physical components of the server are not stored by the vendor. However, private cloud servers could still be hosted in data centers belonging to cloud vendors. But at least, user access is managed by the organization. Now let’s talk about its benefits. 

Benefits of Private Cloud Architecture 

Top-notch security

Security and data privacy are top concerns in the IT-sphere, and the private cloud excels in both. If there is something that makes it stand out, it is the improved security outlay it provides. Since the servers are housed and controlled in a private environment, access is restricted to just one client. The servers are even more secured if the powering hardware components are within reach of the organization and managed by their IT team. So, security will not be a problem if you leverage this cloud architecture. 

Customization and Control

If you take a survey of ten organizations and ask them for their requirements for data storage, data analytics, and networking, you’d receive different responses, depending on their staff strength, corporate goals, and other criteria. A private cloud is a perfect solution for this. With this cloud model, you can have a custom-made cloud framework that would perfectly satisfy your requirements. Also, it enables organizations to have full control of their cloud infrastructure, therefore making it easy to make any change at any time. 


There’s a popular saying in economics that “it is vain to do with more, what can be done with less.” This is true in the tech world also. Privately deployed cloud services generally cost less compared to those that are public-based. 


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