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Secure, compliant & innovative enterprise data storage solutions

Be secure and compliant with a customized
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How our Enterprise Data Storage Solutions Can Help You

As your digital requirements for business applications are expanding, your organisation’s reliance on intelligent enterprise data storage and infrastructure increases. Demanding workloads can only be delivered with well-designed solutions that can address all modern data requirements.

Data integrity, security, resiliency and compliance are our utmost priority and all our solutions are designed with these in mind. At DC Encompass, we do not just sell a storage solution – we align our solutions with your storage strategy.

What We Offer for Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

Architecture and Design

Architecture and Design Data Storage Solutions

At DC Encompass, we are extremely versed in both cloud and physical data storage systems (SAN, NAS), thus providing our customers with a unique advantage. We can solve all your storage challenges – from personal, public, private to hybrid storage options. Regardless of which option you select, our team of experts will go above and beyond to meet all the architectural, design, and security requirements for your storage infrastructure.

SAN Health Check

SAN Health Check Data Storage Infrastructure

Do you want to optimize your data storage infrastructure? Then look no further. DC Encompass provides top of the line, instant SAN health checks to audit your storage environment every step of the way. Our automated SAN health checks ensure proactive identification of issues so you can mitigate risks right in their tracks.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Maybe you are finally looking to transition to the cloud or just need your current physical infrastructure to be upgraded. Whatever the reason, DC Encompass can do it all. In addition to upgrades, we perform migrations (applications and data) to cloud platforms. Here are some of the benefits and services we provide in the realm of data migrations:

Migrate with minimal disruptions: We provide low to no-impact system downtimes with consistent backups of your existing data and settings.

Complete the data migration instantly: Our data migration experts have years of knowledge under their belts and will ensure all your systems go into production instantly and seamlessly.

Get the expertise every step of the way: Experience a smooth and secure data transition with guidance and expertise throughout the entire process. At DC Encompass, we provide our customers with nothing short of a fully configured, tested, and verified data migration environment.

Maintain operational continuity: Regardless of your data migration needs, our team of experts will efficiently migrate your data with minimum to no disruptions to your daily operations. Every step of the process is documented and audited to avoid any operational discrepancies.

Data Analysis: Sanitizing

Data Analysis/Sanitizing

For our physical storage solutions, we follow well-documented standards and procedures to maintain data sanitization standards. By using advanced forensics tools and processes, we ensure the privacy and integrity of your data thoroughly.
Data Replication

Data Replication

All data residing on our physical servers or cloud instances is continuously replicated or copied to secondary servers and instances. We offer both synchronous and asynchronous replication of your data and data instances, providing high availability, backup, and disaster recovery options for your organization.
Data Security

Enterprise Data Security

We take data security very seriously and go to great lengths at protecting it. Our data solutions employ robust and cutting-edge data securing technologies that prevent unauthorized access or modification to any data stored across your enterprise. Rest assured, your data will always be in safe hands.

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