With the increased complexity of operations and computing environment in various organizations comes the need for extended security requirements. Endpoint security is one of such solutions designed to meet complex security needs while optimizing resources. Read on to find out why Endpoint security services are very essential in every organization and how DC Encompass can be of help.  

What is endpoint security? 

Managed Endpoint security is an aspect of cybersecurity that focuses on protecting endpoint resources and tools. Endpoints can be described as all elements through which internal access can be gotten to the delicate resources. 

These elements include websites, networked devices, and software pieces that give access to servers, databases, and other forms of resources.  

Typically, endpoint security focuses on the tools and devices that are most commonly used, which hackers can target. For devices and tools, endpoints can be laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones.  

Think of endpoints as elements with which networks are accessed. If hackers hijack endpoints, the results can be catastrophic.  

What does endpoint security implementation entail? 

In understanding why complete managed endpoint security is important for any organization, it is important to begin with what endpoint security entails.  

The implementation of endpoint security begins with a thorough research step where the information is gathered on the different points of access and the level of access that should be granted at different points.  

After the required information is gathered and analyzed, security solutions for the different levels and access points are identified. The security solutions will include software, cloud, hardware, and network protection.  

When the required solutions are identified and applied, the monitoring of the performance is noted. The solutions are monitored to both ascertain their efficiency and identify any vulnerabilities.  

Endpoint Protection

Some of the vital endpoint security solutions available to organizations include the following:  

Endpoint encryption 

Encryption is an important aspect of endpoint security as it involves directly making data inaccessible to unauthorized parties. When the data on endpoints is encrypted, it is one further step in ensuring that protecting sensitive resources from even persons with the right credentials.  

Application control 

This endpoint security solution focuses on the direct limitation of the different tools. With this solution, applications could be limited to certain activities. This way, if the limited applications are compromised, the effect does not extend to the entire network. When an application is limited, for example, it could be automatically stopped from executing malicious codes.  

URL filtering  

URL filtering could be described as similar to application control in that it prevents access to malicious websites as a means of limiting malicious activities.  

This solution can be applied in both limiting susceptibilities to malicious activities and monitoring the download activity of users.  

IoT security 

IoT devices are more prone to malicious attacks because of their significant susceptibility. These devices should thus be protected with advanced solutions. Advanced security endpoint protection ensure that the devices are harder to hack and should be part of endpoint protection. 


With a sandbox, issues can be identified and eliminated before they achieve widespread effects. Enterprise traffic could be routed through sandboxes to identify malicious activity. The sandbox will thus be able to flag malicious activities as soon as they are routed. 

Zero trust architecture  

Zero trust security is based on the possibility of a compromise of devices in a network. If a zero-trust architecture is not maintained, a compromise of a device would affect the entire network. This end security solution typically involves limiting the access of different tools and resources to limit the compromise of the entire system in case of a breach.  

Importance of Endpoint Protection 

The importance of endpoint security is based on the fact that security threats are on an increase as well as the change in the core operations of organizations. 

Employees used to access organizations’ resources and databases using designated devices and methods. For example, employees were required to be on-site to access the local network. Computing environments are now modified significantly in that employees can bring their devices to work and access the network remotely. 

Hackers are particularly interested in endpoints because of the high level of access that can be gotten through them.  

Endpoints are now a major target of malicious elements because of the widened security perimeter they create within organizations. More organizations are encouraging employees to bring their devices to work, and this is providing more access points for hackers.  

As more endpoint devices and software are added, security solutions must be adapted to cover the diverse devices and software pieces.  

The cost of malicious attacks is another reason why endpoint security is critical for organizations. Research has indicated that the costs of the average endpoint attack range from $5 to $7 million. Instead of risking significant costs and impacting the productivity of the organization, apply endpoint security solutions.  

Endpoint security solutions are sophisticated solutions that are designed for decentralized computing environments. Security solutions should be adapted to the dynamic computing environments of today’s organizations. This is what endpoint security solutions offer.  

Benefits of Endpoint security services 

Endpoint security solutions are associated with multifaceted benefits. Having highlighted the importance of endpoint security for today’s organizations, let’s now clearly highlight the benefits. 

Protection against malicious attacks 

The protection that comes with endpoint security solutions is a core selling point. This is because this form of cybersecurity is designed for high-quality all-around security.  

Endpoint security solutions are adapted for breaching the different forms of attacks, including malware and zero-day strikes. These threats are identified and neutralized as soon as they are detected, which is usually before any significant damage occurs.  

Enhancement of security solutions & features 

Endpoint security features are not just aimed at identifying and preventing malicious attacks. The solutions can be applied in enhancing existing security features.  

For endpoint security solutions, security vulnerabilities are identified and fixed. With the proactive application of this kind of cybersecurity, vulnerabilities are identified and neutralized before they develop into much bigger problems.  

Upholding a zero-trust culture 

The importance of keeping networks impenetrable to malicious agents cannot be overemphasized. Upholding a zero-trust culture means ensuring that all devices and resources with which networks are routinely accessed are secure and made impenetrable. 

With the nature of today’s corporate computing environments, upholding a zero-trust culture is essential. The desired zero-trust culture can be created and upheld. 

Improved collaboration between security and administrative teams 

The threat of malicious attacks affects both administrative and security teams. Security issues tend to be the focus of the security team. With endpoint security solutions, security becomes more of a team effort between the different teams, especially the security and administrative teams.  

Data security and administration teams are empowered to work more efficiently with endpoint security.  

The efficiency of management teams 

The efficiency of data management teams is ensured with endpoint security solutions that serve as management, security, and storage portals. The team gets to apply the portal to improve the overall speed and efficiency of their operations.  

The diverse functionalities of endpoint security solutions make them important tools critical to the success of data management teams. 

Challenges Of Most Endpoint Security Solutions 

Organizations are posed with numerous challenges that hinder endpoint security. Here are some of the challenges with achieving endpoint security that is addressed with endpoint security solutions.  

Diverse services and tools 

The average organization applies a diverse range of services and tools in its routine operations. When these services are too many, endpoint security becomes particularly limited.  

The limitation in the application of endpoint security comes from the fact that, with the diverse services, it is difficult to track and confirm activities from every point. As such, organizations with a wide range of tools, products, and services will particularly benefit from endpoint security solutions to maximize visibility and monitoring.  

Limited physical monitoring 

Physical controls are particularly important elements in ensuring endpoint security. The lack of physical controls in the form of locks and passwords could make an organization more prone to malicious threats.  

Even with the widespread availability of software controls, physical controls still play a critical role in ensuring endpoint security and preventing unauthorized access.  

The limited physical monitoring challenge of endpoint security is typically addressed with the solutions designed for physical and software controls.  

Multiple administrators

Achieving proper endpoint security can be limited by the availability of multiple manual administrators. We already highlighted the challenge associated with limited physical monitoring above and should mention that there could also be an over-reliance on the manual administration of the activities.  

Automated endpoint security tools are important for detecting threats and eliminating them soonest. Automation is thus a particularly important part of endpoint security.   


Endpoint security cannot be overlooked due to the numerous benefits associated with the application of the most efficient security solutions as well as the diverse challenges organizations face in ensuring endpoint security. This is why at DC Encompass, we offer endpoint security services to equip organizations in handling threats efficiently and prevent the compromise of their networks. Our services are optimized for maximum productivity and increased efficiency. 

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