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Penetration Testing – Blue Mountains

It takes years for your organisation to build a brand that can be a market leader in your industry. Your customers will remain loyal to the products and services offered when their sensitive information, data and records is protected. So to retain this reputation, you must continuously demonstrate to your existing and prospective customers how serious your organisation is about security. One of the ways to achieve this is via regular assessment (Penetration testing) of security posture.

Therefore, it’s not sufficient to believe that the investment into safeguarding your brand and reputation will work on its own. As the nature of risk is very unpredictable, your organisation needs to remain vigilant from both internal and external threats that can cause downtime, increase costs and adversely impact your customers.

DC Encompass can review your policies to help remain compliant and identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure which includes network, systems and applications. Our team provides custom penetration testing (Blue Mountains) services for medium to large-sized organisations, institutions and government seeking to reduce cybersecurity risk. As experienced security practitioners, we keep abreast of the latest threats, developments and countermeasures in cyber security.

The dedicated team at DC Encompass adheres to the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) – ensuring that every penetration testing (Blue Mountains) engagement is conducted with a clear focus. A key advantage of PTES is that penetration testing (Blue Mountains) can be tailored to suit a client’s unique requirements.

The PTES approach to penetration testing (Blue Mountains) is comprised of 7 phases:

1. Pre-engagement Interactions
2. Intelligence Gathering
3. Threat Modelling
4. Vulnerability Analysis
5. Exploitation
6. Post Exploitation
7. Reporting
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In addition to penetration testing (Blue Mountains), DC Encompass supplies and implements security solutions from many of the world’s leading IT security vendors, including McAfee, Sophos, Fortinet and Qualys. We also partner with Tier 1 IT infrastructure and software companies, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dell EMC.

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