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Have concerns about your cyber security?

Cyber Security Consultants – Blacktown

Have concerns about your cyber security? Looking for a cyber security consultant in Blacktown?

When it comes to reputable cyber security providers you can’t go past DC Encompass – a local IT company renowned for its expertise, experience, and integrity.

We take the time to examine and understand your IT environment – identifying both current and potential security vulnerabilities. Our skilled cyber security consultants in Blacktown can help you address data breaches, cyber-attacks and help with staff awareness training.

As security professionals, we partner with many of the world’s leading IT security vendors including Fortinet, McAfee, Qualys, Sophos and Tenable to create cyber security solutions in Blacktown that are resilient and cost-effective.

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At DC Encompass, we help protect our clients against the full spectrum of cyber threats, including:

Malware – ransomware, viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and keyloggers Man-In-the-Middle (MITM) Attacks
DoS & DDoS attacks Cross-site scripting (XSS)
Passive & Active Eavesdropping Drive-by attacks
Brute Force Attacks Manipulation of IoT endpoints / devices
SQL Injections Algorithm Substitution attacks
Phishing Attacks Dark Web Monitoring

Our cyber security solutions – encompassing software, hardware and IT professional services – are designed to reduce risk and protect branding. Whether you’re seeking content filtering, Windows patch management or a next-generation firewall (NGFW), DC Encompass is your go-to cyber security consultant in Blacktown. In addition to cyber security solutions in Blacktown, DC Encompass provides end-to-end infrastructure solutions from Cisco, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft.

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