Hardware Procurement

Securing, purchasing and maintaining your IT assets

Hardware Procurement Solutions 

For every organization, one of the key components of the overall ICT strategy is securing, purchasing, and maintaining hardware assets including device, servers etc. This is why you need an extensive IT lifecycle Management solution that provides complete visibility over supply chains and maximizes your ROI.  

At DC Encompass, we offer hardware procurement services that lead to a total restructuring of your technological assets. We take time to analyze the requirements of your entity before making any type of hardware investment.  

Our IT procurement services which also helps you execute projects seamlessly, involves the following processes:   

Identifying the Requirements

This is the initial phase where we determine if you need a new IT product or service. It involves a collaboration to determine and identify your company’s needs.  

Authorization and Approval of Purchase Requests

This step involves reviewing your IT investment business case and measuring the benefits and risks of the procurement process.  

Identify Suppliers

Here, we identify and evaluate appropriate suppliers, and vendors for your IT needs based on your budget. 

Release of Bids/RFPs/Tenders/RFQs

 We also go-ahead to prepare proposal requests, RFQ, or RFP from potential identified suppliers via a competitive bidding process. The RFP usually contains detailed specifications regarding the product, requirements of service and delivery, financial terms, pricing structure, and evaluation criteria.  

Vendor Selection

After the reception of the bids, evaluation, and the shortlist of the top bidders have been made, then the most appropriate and cost-effective vendor is chosen. A signed procurement contract is entered into with this vendor for the necessary product.  


A purchase order is then prepared by our team of procurement experts. This order contains specific details about the prices, specifications, and terms and conditions of the product to be procured.  

Receivable and Integration

This step involves the delivery of the purchase order to the vendor. The vendor acknowledges receipt and delivers the product. 

Creation of IT procurement Metrics and KPI's

This is the final stage of the hardware procurement process. It involves the creation of benchmarks to monitor the performance of internal teams and IT assets. 

Some of the best practices for hardware procurement observed by our team of experts include fulfilling business goals, building and leveraging vendor partnerships, obtaining the stakeholder’s input, and identifying and mitigating risk.  

Why Choose our procurement services?

Premium quality services and support provided by a team of experienced technicians

A futuristic view in mind while making procurement of key IT assets as technology evolves  

Minimized risks by leveraging economies of scale and established logistical practices

Competitive rates with discount arrangements offered by vendors & leveraging strong vendor relationships

Hardware Lifecycle Management 

At DC Encompass, we also offer hardware lifecycle management services. This solution involves managing the complete lifecycle of your IT infrastructure while maximizing ROI. Before now, we have observed that so many organizations acquire and accumulate IT assets but lose track of them and their lifecycle with time, leading to great loss on investment. However, at DC Encompass, we understand that monitoring key IT assets give you a heads-up on the lifespan of the infrastructure.  

How the Process Works

Our hardware lifecycle management processes involve the following key steps: 


In procurement, we consider the performance, price, and existing/ future needs of the organization. We help organizations save costs and avoid waste of resources by not overestimating their potential growth. Rather, with our vast knowledge and experience, we define client’s requirements and select IT infrastructures that suit their need and is within the organization budget. 

Deployment and Installation

Deployment and installation is the next stage after hardware procurement. We ensure the efficient installation of all your hardware to avoid disruption and downtime. Our teams of engineers are available 24 hours daily to offer assistance in creating a structured strategy for deployment and a process-oriented implementation plan.  


Monitoring and maintenance of assets is perhaps the most important step in hardware lifecycle management. We carry out regular inspections to ensure that the hardware does not depreciate in performance.  

Disposal and Refresh

Disposal of current hardware in exchange for new ones is the last step in the lifecycle management process. The disposal of assets such as a laptop or mobile device before they become a burden is the goal of hardware lifecycle management as even equipment that is well maintained and updated regularly can still break down eventually. This process should not be a surprise for an organization with effective hardware management.  

Why choose our hardware lifecycle management services? 

Reduction of hardware maintenance costs 


Increases flexibility in upgrades


Extension in the lifespan of the hardware.

Lowers total cost of ownership.  


Maximizes the value of IT investments resulting in an improvement in ROI

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